Welcome to Cynthia Cranz and Wendy Powell!

AnimeCTX coming to you today with the latest additions to our guest lineup! We’ve got two veteran powerhouses coming to Austin this Memorial Day.

You’ve heard Cynthia Cranz taking part in the Dragon Ball universe as Chi-Chi, in Yu Yu Hakusho’s Spirit World as Botan, and even in One Piece as Bellemere. Cranz has provided voice work in some of the most popular Anime movies and series and continues to thrill fans.

Not to be outdone you’ve heard Wendy Powell providing voices for iconic characters such as Envy from Full Metal Alchemist, llena from Claymore, Gi-gang from Yona of the Dawn, and even Miss Merry Christmas in One Piece. Cranz’s body of work speaks for itself, but I for one can’t wait to meet the mortal sin, Envy.

You’ll be able to meet both Cynthia Cranz and Wendy Powell this Memorial Day at AnimeCTX.

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