Welcome to the new and improved Screening Room where you’ll receive an experience like none other before! We’ve gone to great strides to make sure this year’s screening room is a blast for everyone involved.

Reaching out to the convention space we have arranged to have some of the comfiest seating arrangements made available to those visiting the screening room. And it doesn’t stop there. We will have a state of the art audio system to give you that complete theater feel.Knowing just how awesome things will be; I bet you are now wondering just what we’ll be seeing. You can catch a sneak peak of some of the titles and programming blocks below!

Finally, below the sneak peaks you’ll find uniquely themed blocks for your viewing pleasure.


Pop-Corn and a Movie

Lights! Camera! Down in front we’re trying to watch a movie here!

I mean, Popcorn*! That’s right folks file your way in, grab the best seat in the house, and enjoy a nice hot bag of popcorn*. Come join us while we bring the theater experience to AnimeCTX. Oh, and did I mention Popcorn*?


*Popcorn will be available while supplies last.

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Pajama Banzai

Throw on your comfiest Pajamas and pick out you favorite spot because it’s time for Pajama Banzai! That’s right! Prepare your Pajama loving battle cry because we’ll be showing all our favorite Lazy-time, Pajama wearing, anime loving titles.

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Saturday Morning Cartoons

Kick off those pajamas, rub the sleep from your eyes, and sneak downstairs for that warm and fuzzy nostalgia as we remember what it was like to embrace the Saturday morning cartoons we all knew and loved.

Join us as we screen some of the greatest shows that best give off that Saturday morning feel.

Warning: Coffee not included, but highly welcomed.

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Adrenaline Overload

Prepare your systems because you’re about to get an adrenaline overload! These action packed and high octane animes will get your heart pumping six ways from Sunday. Don’t forget to bring an accountabilibuddy because once this roller coaster starts there’s no getting off*!


* Legal tells me, “You will be able to get off the roller coaster at any time.” 

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Anime Cringe

Join us for Anime Cringe where if you cringe you lose! Oh who am I kidding, we all lose but it’ll be a great ride while it lasts. At Anime Cringe we’ll showcase titles that we were never quite sure how they were made, but we’re glad they were. They are weird, they are creepy, and yet we just can’t turn to look away.

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NSFW 17+

That’s right, Not-Safe-For-Work 17+ only. We’re not showing the worst of the worst, but we’re getting as close. During NSFW (17+) we’ll get as we can to to the 18+ boundary while exploring the titles you rock out to at home, but probably think twice about showing the boss.

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90’s Throwback

Oh the 90’s… the sweet beautiful 90’s. As a member of the slightly more seasoned generation, my goodness… the 90’s. Sorry, got a little lost there. Come join us for a nostalgia filled trip through the anime timeline.

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2000’s Extravaganza

The turn of the millennium was a special time for anime. The moe bubble still hadn’t formed let alone popped. And anime was shaking off the 90’s to find its newest self. So don’t hold back. Come in and enjoy that sweet sweet Smörgåsbord of anime with the AnimeCTX 2000’s Extravaganza!

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