Dear AnimeCTX Family and Friends,     It’s been awhile, but we here at AnimeCTX have been keeping a careful eye on the world and community stage throughout the progress of COVID-19. While we had hoped that this day would never come, we also understand that we too must do our part to help flatten […]Continue reading

Hear ye, Hear ye! Rejoice one and all. AnimeCTX is thrilled to announce that we’ve opened the flood gates and are prepared to start taking applications. That’s right, not just any applications but all! We’ve prepared our systems and are now accepting applications to all things applicable. Looking for more information? Wanting to submit an […]Continue reading

That’s right folks. We’re back for another year, and we’re planning to make it one of our best yet! You can join us at the Austin Marriott North this June 26-28, 2020 for some of the greatest guests, events, and giveaways giving you a jam packed weekend of anime fun!  Be sure to get your […]Continue reading