The Idol Festiv@l returns!

Oh, geeze! Where to even begin? Do you know what one of the greatest things about Japan is? IDOLS! So many high energy super talented Idols! And you guessed it! We’ve got not one, not two… but a whole festival of idols coming to AnimeCTX!

In association with the Texas Idol Festival, AnimeCTX is thrilled to announce the AnimeCTX Idol Festiv@l! There’s going to be group after group of amazing performances featuring some of the most fantastic dance routines you can imagine! Okay, okay. Let me calm down here for a moment and let’s chat. Oh, who am I kidding?! There’s no calming down. It’s IDOL FESTIV@L!

For those not in the know, but are welcome to the fold all the more. Japan features many groups of young people highly skilled in dance routines, singing, acting, and more. Idol Groups will often put on amazing concerts and dance routines pumping crowds full of energy just trying to make every event they headline loads of fun.

So be there, or be square! Or be square there. Know what? Be there! WOOO IDOLS.

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