AnimeCTX Giveaway

AnimeCTX is coming at you with a brand new giveaway! And we’re working hard to make sure that time it’s bigger, better, and bolder than ever!


But wait! How do I earn tickets to the giveaway? Good question! You can earn tickets just by having a paid membership to the convention.

  • Attending the convention? 1 Ticket!!
  • Pre-Registered? 2 Tickets!
  • Ichiban Membership? 5 Tickets!
  • VIP Membership? 10 Tickets!

That’s right, you heard me! Just by showing up and having your badge you tickets for the giveaway. How sweet is that? But that’s not all!

Ticketed Events

Anime Jeopardy
Voice Acting Q&A
Guests REACT Challenge
Iron Artist
Anime in America: From Speed Racer to Space Dandy
Idol Dance Gathering
Your Favorite Final Fantasy Sucks
No Retakes! An Improv Workshop

BFF Q&A w/ Wendy & Cynthia
Bryce Papenbrook Q&A
Budget Cosplay 101
Toon’s That Go Bump in The Night
Idol Meet & Greet
The Big Bad Bara Panel (18+)
Let’s go to Tokyo!
What the Film?!
Gettin’ Ghibli With It
Cinnamon Roll Dating Game
The Saturday Unwind with Professor Pancakes

What the #$@! Is a McElroy?
Transitioning from Traditional to Digital Art
J-Pop Random Dance Party
I Am Panelist (And So Can You)


“You said that’s not all… how else can I get tickets” Thank you for asking!

You can get even more tickets to the giveaway by:

  • Shopping at the Otaku Mart! For every $10 dollars spent you will earn a ticket, for every $50 dollars spent you earn 10 tickets. How awesome is that?
  • Visiting the Maid Cafe? Oh you bet that earns you a ticket.
  • Entering any game room tournament? Abso-ticketly!
  • Shopping with select vendors in the Dealers Room.
  • And attending certain panels will net you a ticket just for being there!

Check that out! So many ways to get those sweet tickets, but guess what? I’m not going to let it end there. Stay tuned because I’m going to find even more ways for you to win!

The Not So Fine Print: Tickets are for paid attendance only, which includes: Paid Weekend Registration and Day Pass memberships. All rules are subject to change at anytime without warning.

Remember, you must be present at the drawing to win, and prizes will not be held for any length of time.