That’s right folks, you’ve asked for it and we’ve got it. We’ve published the final schedule for AnimeCTX 2019. So be sure to check it out and show them panelists and guests some love this year. Check the schedule here! Don’t delay, get your tickets here today! Register Now!

Meet The Judges Today we announce not one, not two, but THREE guests for AnimeCTX! These three are masters of their craft, and when you don’t see them guiding tomorrow's promising cosplayers you'll find them at the Cosplay Contest. First up is MikoMiko Cosplay Miko is mainly known for constructing large full body costumes of [...]Continue reading

Welcome to the Amai Maid Cafe, where we bring you “A Taste Of Japan” with an authentic maid cafe experience and this year is no different! Join us and you'll find we've got some new and exciting cafe hours waiting for you! From Magical Girls to Ninjas, Summer break to a Pastel Send Off. You'll [...]Continue reading

Back by popular demand, the AnimeCTX GIVEAWAY! We will be giving away an Playstation 4 Pro, a Sword Art Online bundle, and SO MUCH MORE! That’s right, just giving it all away. Throughout the weekend, you will be given tickets that enter you into the giveaway. The drawing will take place Sunday, May 26, 2019, […]Continue reading

AnimeCTX coming to you today with the latest additions to our guest lineup! We’ve got two veteran powerhouses coming to Austin this Memorial Day. You’ve heard Cynthia Cranz taking part in the Dragon Ball universe as Chi-Chi, in Yu Yu Hakusho’s Spirit World as Botan, and even in One Piece as Bellemere. Cranz has provided […]Continue reading

Hey every one, we just wanted to take a moment and bring a bit of news your way. Firstly, we would like to remind everyone that due to circumstances beyond our control, AnimeCTX has had to change dates to May 24-26th (Read the original post for reference). You read that correctly! AnimeCTX is now taking […]Continue reading

AnimeCTX is proud to announce the newest addition to this year’s event. He’s tirelessly saved the world more times than we can count whether from bad guys, giants, or even Satan himself. AnimeCTX is thrilled to welcome Bryce Papenbrook this year. That’s right, folks. This one is a real doozy! Bryce Papenbrook has phenominally appeared […]Continue reading

Hear ye, Hear ye! Rejoice one and all. AnimeCTX is thrilled to announce that we’ve opened the flood gates and are prepared to start taking applications. That’s right, not just any applications but all! We’ve prepared our systems and are now accepting applications to all things applicable. Looking for more information? Wanting to submit an […]Continue reading

As many of you have heard, Project A-kon has decided to move their dates. Problem is, they seem to have picked our weekend. Here at AnimeCTX we immediately began thinking of our fans and how this would affect you all. So we sat down, talked to the venue, talked amongst ourselves, and made a hard […]Continue reading

Ladies and Gentlemen of the AnimeCTX Family, here at AnimeCTX, our primary concern and commitment is being able to bring you the best experience possible. With that in mind, we ask that you stay tuned to our pages tomorrow 1/18 as we bring you an important announcement regarding how we intend to do that this […]Continue reading