New Programming Added

The Austin Marriott North recently let us know that there was renovation done in some of our meeting space since last year, so some of the rooms will look different. This is GREAT news for us such as certain table have been removed from their rooms, and will have an improved look all around. These changes allow us the opportunity to introduce and evolve our programming for AnimeCTX 2019. We excited to announce the addition of the CTX Loung and Gaming Center!

The CTX Lounge will have something going on. The room will have a Manga Library, Device Charging Stations, Lounging Areas, tables for card gaming, and board gaming free play (brought to you by ChupacabraCon), Scheduled Card Tournaments, Scheduled RPG Campaigns, and MORE!

All Card Tournaments will be FREE TO ENTER, except for a booster draft. There is only be eight (8) people minimum per tournament. Sign-Ups will be held in the CTX Lounge (location indicated on the map above).

The following card tournament has been scheduled, times to be determined:
– Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG (Advanced Format) Friday
– Magic: The Gathering (Standard Format) Friday
– CardFight Vanguard (Standard Format) Saturday
– Magic: The Gathering Sealed Booster Draft (Cost of packs per entry) Saturday
– Pokemon TCG (Standard Format) Sunday

Prizes will be given to:
– 1st Place (3 Booster Packs)
– 2nd Place (2 Booster Packs)
– 3rd Place (1 Booster Pack)
All booster packs will be from the latest sets applicable.

The Gaming Center was introduced at the past IKKiCON and the reception was very positive. We wanted to bring that feeling to AnimeCTX in a more intimate environment that AnimeCTX has. Experience wide open space with free console gameplay with scheduled tournaments all weekend!

We look forward to seeing everyone at AnimeCTX with all the new changes. All information is subject to change at anytime without notice.

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