VIP & Ichiban Ends in 1 Week

VIP & Ichiban Ends in 1 Week

Only one week left to get your VIP and Ichiban Membership Tickets to AnimeCTX 2018! Don’t miss out on the incredible PERKS and BENEFITS that you receive when you purchase your Ichiban or VIP Memberships!

Love being first in line and having the BEST seats in the Main Events room? The Ichiban Membership gives you just that, as well as having the opportunity the EARLY BIRD entry into the dealer’s room. Some vendors don’t always have enough stock to supply for every attend that wants some items, so getting in before anyone else gives you the best chance at getting that rare and/or unique item from Japan.

Need more than being in the front of the line, the VIP Membership is right for you! Be the “cool kid” at the con when you get Double Giveaway Tickets, a Special Autograph session and walk around in style with the official AnimeCTX; Exclusive Poster, Convention Shirt, Collectible (bottomless) Cup, and Badge Holder/Neck Wallet.

Need to know more information about VIP or Ichiban Memberships? See more here on the “VIP & ICHIBAN INFO” page.

Only 1 week until the VIP and Ichiban Memberships sales end. Act quickly, and everything above could be yours. See you at AnimeCTX 2018 June 29 – July 1, 2018 at the Austin Marriott North. Don’t forget to reserve your room now!

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