Top 10 Hotel “Need to Knows”

Top 10 Hotel “Need to Knows”

  1. Supports the convention

Staying at the official convention hotel supports the convention in many ways, and staying at another hotel nearby doesn’t. If can afford it, consider the following. The convention is typically committed to a certain number of rooms per night, so booking your room there can help them meet its goals. Make sure to use the link provided in the post or on the website, it can also ensures the convention can return.

  1. It’s convenient to stay at the Marriott

You don’t have to rush out the door when you have a  room at the Austin Marriott North. Never Miss a panel due to being late or traffic as well.

  1. Free Parking

The Austin Marriott North offers complimentary parking for AnimeCTX all weekend! Yes, you read it right, it’s free!

  1. Don’t worry if you forget something

Leave a few personal things behind? Don’t worry, the hotel may have you covered, and for no additional cost. It’s common for hotels to provide the following; cribs, shower caps, sewing kit, slippers, toothpaste, razors, tampons, pads, extra blankets/pillows, etc. You must be a guest of the Austin Marriott North.

  1. You should tip

Most people don’t know that you’re able to leave a tip to those who assist you at a hotel. If you feel  housekeeping, the bellhop, or valet did well you can leave a tip to show your appreciation. Don’t worry tips are optional, but can be good after a long weekend with a convention in house.

  1. Late Check-Out

If the hotel has the availability you can extend your checkout time for at least an hour or two. All you have to do is ask the morning of your checkout. Make sure niceness to the max, and not to be upset if they can’t offer it. They are doing you a favor after all.

  1. FREE Wifi

When checking in make sure to ask for the wifi password for your room. You may need to sign up for Marriott Rewards, but it’s free to sign up.

  1. Be nice

It’s no secret that you catch more flies with honey and the same for just about anywhere you go. The hotel staff you interact with all weekend can make you stay smooth and comfortable. Being rude to the staff doesn’t only make you look bad, but us as well. We understand that long days can be stressful for anyone, but try to remember that the staff is only trying to do their job, and not personally singling you out.

  1. Special Gift Bag

Any attendee that reserves their room using the link below will receive an EXCLUSIVE item brought to you from JAPAN included in a SPECIAL gift bag!

  1. Breakfast Buffet

The Austin Marriott North is offering a complimentary breakfast buffet for each night you book a room using the hotel link provided.


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