Ubergeeks Cosplay

Team UGC began cosplaying in 2013 as a two person team. Founded officially in 2014 as a competitive duo, they competed and won their first best in show for Alphonse Elric. Since then, they have gone bigger and bigger, incorporating aspects like stilt walking into their cosplays. They have gone on to win numerous consecutive best in show awards before turning their focus towards teaching the methods they’ve learned and developed.

The concept behind Team UGC is simple: teach. Understanding building methods and pushing information out there is the most important goal and the entire reason this group was formed. Through various platforms and interactive panels where the duo shares build advice and how-tos on a bevy of topics from building to con education, they believe in helping expand knowledge regardless of skill levels in fun ways. Pushing the art of cosplay forward while also helping everyone enjoy cosplay is their M.O. They are best known for going out of the box on materials and have a knack for using basic building materials to make massive costumes come to life. Their work has been featured across various platforms from commercial to film.

In their down time, they enjoy spending time working with kids and bringing events to life that help and focus on kids becoming involved in cosplay through various out reaches. Though cosplay, Team UGC has been involved with everyone they can, from pre-school to high school in hopes of reaching kids who may feel left behind while also giving the kids a chance to not just have a break, but learn life lessons through workshops and interactive events featuring cosplayers from around their hometown.

Tripp the Tech, also known as UberGeek Tripp is one half of the founding members of team UGC. Tripp specializes in the tech factors of all of the fabrications. His roles include all of the 3d modeling, pepakura, lighting effects, coding and generally giving the wow factor to everything we do. Need to know how to make something work? Need to understand the technical aspects of creating effects, lighting, and mechanical design? Ask Tripp. Between building 3d printers, creating all the 3d models, coding servos and making all the electronics work, he pulls out all the bells and whistles. With over 14 years in the computer/coding industry, he is the go-to guy in team UGC for all things technical.

Cayne the creator, also known as UberGeek Cayne, is the other half of the founding members, Cayne began 16 years ago sewing. Since then, she ventured into FX make ups including molding, sculpting and applications. Her role is concept, design and execution. No detail is too small for her, nor is anything safe! Cayne likes to pull from any and all aspects of cosplay building (Foam, leather, bondo, Sintra, practical effect, puppetry and of course fabrics) If it sits still long enough, it will get put in a cosplay. Cosplay on a budget? Need to understand how to modify a pattern using only some duct tape and twine? Ask Cayne.

Photo credits: OtakuHigh Photography and Ubergeeks

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