New Guests: Jessica Calvello & Lisa Ortiz

New Guests: Jessica Calvello & Lisa Ortiz

Hey there folks, do we have some exciting news to share! Here we are to announce the start of our amazing guest line-up, and I’m sure you’re going to be thrilled.

To start things off we have Jessica Calvello and Lisa Ortiz bringing an amazing history of anime dubbing in some of the industry’s more iconic roles. With the new season of Attack on Titan just over the horizon we are beyond ecstatic to know Jessica Calvello a.k.a. Hange Zoe will be exploring just what it is that makes these Titans tick. Jessica has been a member of the voice acting community since 1995 and continues to deliver time and time again in roles that you’ll never forget. When she’s not working on Titans, she’s running around in search of that emergency food supply as Excel Excel of Excel Saga.

Not to be outdone, Lisa Ortiz is a Jack-of-All trades and a master of them all. You may know Lisa as that spunky teenaged sorceress, Lina Inverse of Slayers fame. Or perhaps you know her as the cute and cuddly super doc’ Tony Tony Chopper! When Lisa’s not out sailing the grand line, she spends time directing the world beloved Pokemon series starting at season 19.

Can you believe our luck? All I can say is this is starting out to be one amazing year at AnimeCTX and I know we’re not done yet so keep your eyes out and an ear to the ground for more announcements!

Jessica Calvello began her work in the anime industry with ADVfilms (now Sentai Filmworks/Seraphim Digital) in 1995! Some of her recent work includes Attack on Titan (and AoT Jr. High) as Hange Zoe, Amagi Brilliant Park (Tiramy), Gatchaman Crowds/Insight (Hajime) and a number of animated shorts with famed comic strip Cyanide and Happiness. Some of her earlier work includes iconic titles Excel Saga (Excel Excel), Dragonhalf (Mink) and New Cutie Honey (Honey Kisaragi) in which she was personally cast by Go Nagai for the English dub.  

Lisa Ortiz is a New York based veteran voice actor, director, and producer. As a voice actor she is most well known for her roles in the Slayers series (Lina Inverse), Sonic X (Amy Rose), Accel World (Nickel Doll), and One Piece (Tony Tony Chopper). She is currently a Voice Director on the Pokemon series starting at season 19. Lisa is also the President of Noise of O Productions, LLC an audio post house and has directed for various games and animation.

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