AnimeCTX coming to you today with the latest additions to our guest lineup! We’ve got two veteran powerhouses coming to Austin this Memorial Day. You’ve heard Cynthia Cranz taking part in the Dragon Ball universe as Chi-Chi, in Yu Yu Hakusho’s Spirit World as Botan, and even in One Piece as Bellemere. Cranz has provided […]Continue reading

Hey every one, we just wanted to take a moment and bring a bit of news your way. Firstly, we would like to remind everyone that due to circumstances beyond our control, AnimeCTX has had to change dates to May 24-26th (Read the original post for reference). You read that correctly! AnimeCTX is now taking […]Continue reading

AnimeCTX is proud to announce the newest addition to this year’s event. He’s tirelessly saved the world more times than we can count whether from bad guys, giants, or even Satan himself. AnimeCTX is thrilled to welcome Bryce Papenbrook this year. That’s right, folks. This one is a real doozy! Bryce Papenbrook has phenominally appeared […]Continue reading