Anime Music Video Competition

Be sure to read the Rules and Criteria that apply to all AMV League events before submitting!
All videos must be uploaded to a file sharing site such as GOOGLE DRIVE OR DROPBOX!

  • AMV League events consist of three local-level categories (Action, Drama, General). Comedy and Trailer/Commercial videos should be submitted to the Comedy and Trailer National Championships directly.
  •  If there are fewer than four submissions to any of the three local-level categories OR fewer than twelve qualifying submissions overall, all local-level entries will be placed into a single “Best Overall” category and judged appropriately.
  • If there are fewer than six qualifying submissions overall, we will have an “AMV Showcase” consisting of all qualifying submissions as well as some of our favorite AMVs of all time from around the internet in lieu of a contest. In this case, all qualifying submissions will again be eligible for judging in future AMV League events.
  • Any questions regarding this AMV League event should be directed to
  • Deadline is 11:59 PM Central Time, Wednesday, July 26, 2017. NO Entries will be accepted after this time!